New Tip: Enable and use GMail’s Snooze option

GMail’s SNOOZE option allows you to temporarily remove emails from your inbox (visually) by putting them on hold.

These will reappear in your inbox once the timeout has been reached.

This option is materialized by the clock icon :


Click the clock icon and set the hold time:


However, this option is displayed if the Conversation view is on!

To activate conversation view:

  • Gmail setting
  • General Tab – « Conversation view » Topic


Have Fun !

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The new GMail tested for you!

I activated today the new version of Google GMail. It was difficult to resist as the communication around the event was so important 😉

I must admit that my first day of use is quite conclusive.

Just to let you benefit from it, here is a small overview of the new features.

1 – Let’s start with the activation of new features

Click on the GMail parameter (Wheel)
Click on « Try the new email version ».

Note: This feature may not be active yet as deployment begins.

2 – Display mode

Three display modes are available for activation:

By default: this one has the advantage of presented under the mails the attachments for a direct access.




Compact (Condensed lines)


3 – New Message

The button to create a new message has been changed.


4 – Label bar

It is now possible to reduce the left menu containing your labels (Click the first icon also called Hamburger).


The goal is to free up space for the content of emails.


5 – Business Card

When you put your mouse over the name of the sender of an email, a business card appears. You quickly visualize the information relating to your interlocutor (on condition of course that this one made the step to fill them): Function, Email, Telephone.

You can also add it directly to your contacts, send it an email, schedule an event (Agenda), send it a message (Chat).


6 – Direct access to attachments

The « Default » display mode shows the attachments under each email. Once again, the goal is to save time: no need to open an email to access attachments.


Quick access to Google AGENDA, Google KEEP, TASKS


At the top right, you have the possibility to quickly access :

Your agenda: Allows you to view your appointments day by day
Your notes (Keep) : Allows you to interact with your notes
Tasks: This feature allows you to quickly create a task (and sub-task) for a given date.

Keep   Agenda


7 – Perform actions directly on an email

By moving your mouse over an email, you activate 4 functions: Archive, Delete, Mark as read or not read, Put on hold.


This last « Snooze » feature is very innovative: Putting an email on hold for later processing consists in repositioning it at a later date. Thus the mail disappears from your inbox (and visually frees up space) and will only appear again at the defined time.


Rest assured, you can retrieve this email at any time without waiting for the waiting period in a specific label (Snooze).

8 – The visual of the Drag & Drop has been changed


9 – Suggestions

Google uses more and more Artificial Intelligence to help you in your daily work. The goal: to be always more reactive, more efficient.

This is how at the bottom of your mail, Gmail offers standard replies according to your usage in order to generate a reply mail.


10 – I will end this article by quoting you the innovations which I preferred :

The reductible menu,
Direct access to Calendar – Keep – Tasks,
Direct viewing of attachments.
I look forward to testing the possibility of sending « confidential » mails: mails that are destroyed after a defined period of time, that cannot be copied, printed or transferred.

So I say to you: See you soon 😉

Project Manager and Trainer Google Suite – Apps Script – Quadra Informatique Inaubi ⛅